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An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a workplace benefit designed to provide support and resources to employees facing personal or work-related challenges that may impact their well-being or job performance. EAPs typically offer confidential counseling services, referral to appropriate resources, and assistance with issues such as stress management, substance abuse, mental health concerns, financial difficulties, relationship problems, and work-life balance. EAPs aim to help employees address and overcome these challenges effectively, thereby promoting overall wellness and productivity in the workplace

EAP Services will include (individual, couple, family)

  • Mental health issues: I.e., depression, anxiety, anger management, low self-esteem, stress management
  • Personal or family issues: I.e., physical, or emotional abuse by a partner, domestic violence, separation, divorce, or parenting and step-parenting issues, marriage or couple counseling co-parenting seminars.
  • Workplace conflicts: I.e., work-life balance, managing conflict or relationships with a difficult manager or co-workers, performance problems, adjusting to changes in the workplace, bullying and harassment, and managing work-related stress.
  • Substance abuse: I. e., alcohol or drug addiction, dealing with an employee’s addiction, or dealing with a family member’s addiction.
  • Grief assistance: I. e., supporting employees who have lost a loved one, employees feeling the loss of a co-worker, or a major incidence at work

The therapists at Compassion Counseling are not qualified to provide legal advice or offer financial counseling. However, the EAP service will include making referrals on a needed basis.

Additional Services

  • Community Resource Referrals
  • a list of crisis prevention telephone numbers
  • Single point of contact for all administrative questions
  • Satisfaction surveys with the option to remain anonymous

Benefits of EAP

Statistics show that providing EAPs can produce a variety of benefits for the employee and company. A few of these benefits include

  • lower absenteeism
  • reduced turnover
  • greater productivity
  • higher worker morale

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