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Co-Parenting Classes for divorcing parents with minor children

Blount County Court Approved Co-Parenting Classes

The Co-parenting classes or seminars are for parents who have minors and are in the process of getting a divorce. A 4-hour session (minimum) is required by law but the requirement can be increased by Local Court Order of any Judge.

Tennessee’s high divorce rates reflect a commonality that might suggest an ease of adjustment to divorce, but the reality is that divorce remains challenging for all family members, particularly children. Recognizing the potential negative impact on children, the Tennessee State Legislature mandated a parent education program for divorcing parents of minors. 

Compassion Counseling provides a course tailored to assist divorcing parents in supporting their children through the challenges of divorce. The program covers various essential topics, including divorce facts, stress management, understanding children’s reactions, fostering positive communication, guiding children through the process, conflict resolution strategies, post-divorce family dynamics, legal processes, mediation, and addressing domestic violence concerns.


The classes involve interactive elements such as group discussions, video presentations, and lectures aimed at providing comprehensive support and guidance.

All Classes are from 4pm-8pm.  Classes fees are $50 due at the beginning of class. 

To Register, please contact us by calling us at (865) 724-2325, or follow this link.

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